Annual Balance Sheet

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Period Ended12/31/1512/31/1412/31/1312/31/1212/31/11
In millions of USD
(except for per share items)
Cash & Equivalents128.1870.9371.6450.4447.05
Cash and Short Term Investments128.1870.9371.6450.4447.05
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Gross.282.11------
Provision for Doubtful Accounts.00-.10------
Accounts Receivable - Trade, Net.
Total Receivables, Net.
Inventories - Finished Goods.
Inventories - Work In Progress3.393.334.471.41--
LIFO Reserve-1.27--------
Total Inventory2.854.185.071.63--
Prepaid Expenses3.673.383.578.254.02
Total Current Assets134.9880.5180.5260.3151.08
Buildings - Gross--
Machinery / Equipment - Gross--.
Other Property / Plant / Equipment - Gross--11.0210.9111.7413.38
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Gross--16.3116.1317.2315.54
Accumulated Depreciation, Total---11.66-10.66-10.45-11.94
Property / Plant / Equipment, Total - Net3.724.655.486.793.60
Other Long Term Assets5.507.147.736.627.56
Other Long Term Assets, Total5.507.147.736.627.56
Total Assets144.2092.2993.7273.7162.24
Accounts Payable10.586.365.0512.075.75
Accrued Expenses22.1319.739.4710.2111.06
Notes Payable / Short Term Debt.
Current Portion of Long Term Debt / Capital Leases37.379.013.16.00--
Customer Advances.58.831.01.00--
Other Current Liabilities1.74.411.38.39.97
Other Current liabilities, Total2.321.
Total Current Liabilities72.4136.3420.0722.6717.78
Long Term Debt19.128.3610.15.00--
Total Long Term Debt19.128.3610.15.00.00
Total Debt56.5017.3813.31.00.00
Minority Interest-4.62-3.28-2.42-1.61-.71
Other Long Term Liabilities5.259.1120.7418.1016.45
Other Liabilities, Total5.259.1120.7418.1016.45
Total Liabilities92.1750.5348.5539.1633.52
Convertible Preferred Stock - Non Rdmbl--------6.74
Preferred Stock - Non Redeemable, Net--------6.74
Common Stock2,157.302,023.951,933.311,872.891,744.80
Common Stock, Total2,157.302,023.951,933.311,872.891,744.80
Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)-2,098.32-1,975.70-1,879.70-1,830.06-1,714.79
Unrealized Gain (Loss)-.52-.49-.42-.24-.17
Translation Adjustment-6.43-6.01-8.01-8.04-7.87
Other Equity, Total-6.43-6.01-8.01-8.04-7.87
Total Equity52.0341.7645.1734.5528.72
Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity144.2092.2993.7273.7162.24
Shares Outstanding - Common Stock Primary Issue28.0517.6814.5510.984.06
Total Common Shares Outstanding28.0517.6814.5510.984.06
Treasury Shares - Common Stock Primary Issue.
Number of Common Shareholders208.00205.00188.00181.00186.00
Deferred Revenue - Current.58.831.01.00--
Deferred Revenue - Long Term1.111.781.63.00--
Total Current Assets less Inventory132.1376.3275.4458.6951.08
Quick Ratio1.822.103.762.592.87
Current Ratio1.862.224.012.662.87
Net Debt-76.31-56.83-60.75-52.04-41.02
Tangible Book Value52.0341.7645.1734.5521.98
Tangible Book Value per Share1.862.363.103.155.41
Total Long Term Debt, Supplemental--18.4715.00.03.26
Long Term Debt Maturing within 1 Year--9.583.56.00.23
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 2--4.455.72.02.02
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 3--4.455.72.02.02
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 4--.
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 5--.
Long Term Debt Maturing in 2-3 Years--8.8911.44.03.04
Long Term Debt Maturing in 4-5 Years--.
Long Term Debt Maturing in Year 6 & Beyond--.
Total Operating Leases, Supplemental--18.1420.1521.862.70
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 1--2.602.532.352.38
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 2--2.292.512.30.24
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 3--2.352.222.23.08
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 4--2.412.282.20.00
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 5--2.472.342.26.00
Operating Lease Payments Due in 2-3 Years--4.644.734.53.32
Operating Lease Payments Due in 4-5 Years--4.894.624.46.00
Operating Lease Payments Due in Year 6 & Beyond--6.028.2610.52.00
Number of Products in Phase II1.
Number of Products in Phase III3.
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